Sunday, February 14, 2016

XJ Corps Project 'Echocrux': INTRO (Abridged)

Project 'Echocrux': INTRO (Abridged)
© 2016 XJ Corps 
Sunday 14th February 2016 AD
16:27 PST


What is the 'voice' of the Ultimate Within...? Presupposition asserts a complexity spanning multiple dimensions; 'It' is another facet of the Master Idea; realizing the applications and effects grant the free-willed possessor the manipulation of time, manipulation of reality, and in this most important case, manipulation of or communication with the INTELLIGENT(S) in the realms of intelligence. Within this 'mechanism' or construction, a "dead zone", or ulterior plane, exists as a place for foreign, esoteric, and 'amorphous' technology; parallel to our reality, it is used to control mankind for a higher power, to precede nominal technology and permeate veiled realms of elemental force(s) even unto our own; to be visualized and felt, the realm of the voice of the ultimate within is sovereign, and as an exact factor allows us to comprehend and produce an exciting new age of technology.

Introducing ECHOCRUX, the delineating project to reveal our mastery of the unknown intelligence, the GNOSIS and the force of the 'Quantum Mechanism'.

XJ Randall
John Edward Randall (Hall)
XJ Corps

1055 N Vignes
Los Angeles, CA, USA